Saturday, February 24, 2018

How Robotic Process Automation can improve performance for all organizations

The first reason that organizations should consider including robotic process automation is due to accuracy and efficiency. Since robots are programmed to work in a particular way, they give accurate data ... FAST. An example is that it can monitor the time the supplier arrives, the time it takes to unload the products, the time it takes to verify and also arrange the products in the store. Since it gives accurate times, an entrepreneur may discover that they need a new system, or more personnel at a particular station, or for certain services. That helps to increase the effectiveness of the overall services offered at the organization.

The robotic process automation are efficient and reliable. Robots don’t have problems that humans have such as falling sick, or having to take leaves to attend personal matters. They also don’t have leave days, meaning that work will be running as normal 24/7/365. Assuming that one of the robotic processes is in the human resource department, it keeps all employees on toes. That is because they know that their every move is monitored. The robot or a BOT can be programmed to review when an employee logged on and off to the organization's system and the sites that they spent much time on. In comparison to human resource, a human resource manager can tell how long a person has sat on their desk, merely by estimation, but can’t tell how much time they spent working.

Another reason that organization should consider robotic process automation is cost effectiveness. Initially, it will be expensive to implement software robots. However, it is certain that it will be easier to recover the capital over several months or years. One thing is that it will reduce human labor. That means fewer funds on salaries and wages. It thus leads to savings. Other than that, automating monotonous tasks  are faster and more efficient. That means that more people are served in comparison to the manual processes. An organization is able to keep its existing customers, while at the same time attracting new customers. In the long-run, the company makes more sales, resulting to higher profit margins.
Another reason is that organizations have to keep up with the changes in technology. They aren’t doing it simply because it is a trend, but rather to keep up with their competitors. In such a case, many people will prefer to visit the shop with automated services. Their reasons will vary from curiosity, where they want to understand how the automation works, to saving time among other reasons.